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Jeep Patriot
The chameleon talks with a Mexican accent and mosquito talks with a strong Spaniard accent. The mix makes the dialogue even funnier. Picar in Spanish has a double meaning: Beat and Hot. The mosquito pica (bites) during the night. The other meaning is: This food pica (hot) a lot. The chameleon wants to get closer so he asks the mosquito what happen to him. Then the mosquito gets distracted and starts telling the story about the new animal and how he tried to picarlo (bite it) and get injured. At the end, when the chameleon is closer enough he finally asks the mosquito: So you say you bites/hot? because everybody knows that Mexicans loves hot food, the chameleon, Mexican, finally eats the mosquito. Chameleon – Hey, What’s up? What happened to you? Mosquito - Well dude, the other day I tried to bite the new animal. I was getting ready to put my hands on it when it got into the mud and I didn’t see it again. Chameleon – Oh, so were you saying that you are hot? Mosquito - Yesssssss I bit…….!! Announcer: New Jeep Patriot, 30 miles per gallon for less than 15,000 dollars. A New Animal Has Been Born.

Jeep Patriot.

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